Well… The Weather Outside ‘Ain’t Frightful. Yet.

Well… The Weather Outside
‘Ain’t Frightful. Yet.

Crazy. Just when we’re ready for the bad weather to come, it doesn’t. Ever notice how you can dread something and then miss it when you don’t have it? Kinda like getting up for that early morning exercise class. No matter what it is, a little part often dreads getting up and out. And sure as November snow, if you decide to stay in bed and skip it, you end up missing it. Snovember anyone? Ha! We loved the nice sunny fall. But come on already! This is the holiday season in Buffalo for flakes sake! We Buffalonians are used to warming up our cars, scraping windshields and slip-sliding the Scajaquada this time of year to get to most of our exercise venues. Whatever your chosen fit activity, be prepared to fight the mental battle too. Especially when things aren’t quite what they’re supposed to be. Soon enough we’ll get whats com in’. But by the time it gets here we could be more than a tad behind. At Saddle we say it like this: “Before you hunker down inside, come and ride come and ride come and ride!”