More Than Just Spin Classes

More Than Just
Spin Classes

The classes at Saddle are more than just indoor spinning. We’ve created a variety of classes with themes that are meant to be fun and motivating for people of any gender, fitness level, and even musical taste!
Saddle Flow – One of our signature classes, Saddle Flow is a combination of core work and upper body work in the saddle, all set to a fun and energizing playlist!
Pimp My Ride – Do you like to listen to some intense (sometimes explicit) tunes to get you energized for your workout? Then we definitely have the class for you! This hip-hop themed class features some strong lyrics, so it’s recommended for ages 21 and up. Riders are encouraged to let it all out for this one, so come get your smack talk on!
Blue Ribbon – We recommend this class for serious riders and bicyclists looking for some conditioning work to stay in shape when they can’t hit the road. Blue Ribbon classes focus on power, with frequent race segments.