Class Etiquette

Arrive Early

Knowing your mount contributes to a great ride. Come 10 minutes early to adjust your saddle and handle bar. We respect your busy schedule and our rides start on time.

 Cell Phones, Ipods And Other Gizmos

We get it. Its the world we live in. Can’t fight it so embrace it. That said, please keep in mind your instructor has choreographed a specific plan for your ride. If you absolutely have to have it, please keep it on vibrate. If not, please leave it in the lobby.

Don’t Be A Lone Wolf

The class leader works hard to plan a safe and effective journey. If you have to do “your own thing” please reserve a bike in the rear of the class.

Hydrate! Bring it or buy it for $1.00

Even if you’re not typically the sweaty type, you’ll lose a good deal of moisture during the ride. Always best to drink plenty of water prior to, during and after each class. There’s a place for a water bottle on the bike, and if you’d rather not bother with filling a bottle at home, we sell bottled water for $1.00.


We want to keep the entire herd healthy. That’s why we put a board up front so you can scribble anything that that seems a little off with your mount. An ounce of prevention… you know?


We know that every so often, someone may have to leave before the class ends. Not a problem. We’d appreciate it if you’d let the instructor know ahead of time, and make sure to wipe your bike down before you head out. Please try and reserve a bike closer to the exit if possible.


We endeavor to keep the studio clean. PLEASE take a close look at your shoes before you come in. And while we provide workout towels, if you tend to sweat a bit more than the average person, please bring a larger towel of your own. Please remember: Put it back if you moved it, pick it up if you dropped it, and wipe it up if someone else might step in it!


The instructor may not come out and say it, but they do like to know you enjoyed the journey. Everyone likes a to get a little love..




1094 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY