Saddle Indoor Cycling
Winter Riding Season
 We train indoors to make outdoor activities more enjoyable
Our goal is to help you get in shape as safely and quickly as possible. If you’d like us to give you a call, please compete the information below and we’ll get back to you shortly. Also, we love to talk to people who are as excited about indoor cycling as we are! If you have a comment, suggestion or are interested in joining our team let us know!

We’re geared up to make 2017 even better. As Buffalo’s premier indoor cycling center, we’ve helped hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels increase endurance, build loads of energy and have FUN while doing it! Want to know the best part? All you have to do is show up and sit on a bike! We’ll help you get started, and show you the fastest path to getting back to your lean, mean swaggering best! Click the bar below. Take 2 minutes and complete our user profile. The journey of a thousand miles… well, you know.

Saddle was born right here in Buffalo. By people who exercise. As exercise and biking enthusiasts, we knew we wanted something that would work for the average person looking for a unique experience as well as the person who wants to be pushed. Bottom line: If you want an energizing and rewarding class, we’ve got you covered. We offer expert instruction to beginners of all ages, and the industry’s most challenging rides for the advanced participant. We’re committed to ensuring you get what you came for.  We’ll provide the inspiration. You control the dial.

Your certified saddle instructor is motivated by you, not the other way around. They want to see your smile as well as your struggle. After all, if it came in a bottle, wouldn’t everyone look great? We want you to feel the work when engaged, and feel fantastic after dismount. And you know what contributes to feeling great? Getting a personalized email right after you’re done. You’ll know how many miles you just completed. Your average, low and high RPM’s, how hard your worked (Watts) and the all important calorie burn. No expensive devices to buy. Our system collects your information as you ride and sends it directly to your smart phone or computer.

Plus, you’ll have cumulative stats by week or month or longer, so you’ll never have to guess at how you’re doing. Our unique “posse segments” are available to make riding with friends, co-workers or strangers encountered along the trail fun as well as challenging. If you’re the competitive sort, bring your riding group in and we’ll set up performance segments during your ride that allow you to see whose really pushing the watts! Our advanced technology is unlike anything you’ve seen in Western New York. Only question is, are you ready for the ride at Saddle?

Don’t just spin your wheels.
Get in the Saddle!

Our signature ride is great for beginners and advanced riders. Great music motivates you through hills, sprints and power segments. We may even work your upper body with a light weight routine.

Saddle Training
Zone & Core Classes

A cardio challenge from the first minute followed by 10 minutes of optional core work and streching. The zone is for all fitness levels and anyone who wants to improve cardiovascular fitness, speed and endurance.

From warm-up to cool-down, our mrning rides will have you out the door in 45 minutes.

Saddle 45
Spin & Abs Classes

We will carank some calories on the bike for 40 minutes, then we will hit the mats for 10, with some ab sculpting moves. If you have your own Yoga mat, feel free to bring it.




1094 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY